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Provide mobile enabled drag-drop
dashboards to your users

Let them create their own dashboards using your dashlets, inside your application. Download Mobile enabled Asp.Net MVC + WebForms Dashboard Framework

Dashboard Framework for Asp.Net

JDash is an Asp.Net MVC + WebForms component framework which allows you to easily and seamlessly integrate drag-drop dashboards into your application.

  • Easy dashlet development using Mvc Views, user controls (.ascx) or pure Javascript.
  • Database and browser independent.
  • Multiple column/row layout with custom theme support.
  • No external dependencies.
  • HTML5 + CSS3 responsive design with mobile device support.
  • Unique in its space. Seamlessly integrate into your application.
  • Exceptional support and large customer community.
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is JDash ?

JDash is an advanced ASP.NET MVC + WebForms component framework which allows you to easily integrate end-user designable dashboards into your application.


is it for ?

If you are looking to improve your Asp.Net web application by allowing your end users to create thir own dashboards inside your application then JDash is for you!


should you use it ?

End users will love to design dashboards using their fingers and share them with others. Result is highly satisfied happy customers and reduced maintenance costs.

Need custom development ?

We can develop for you.

Easy Dashlet Development

JDash uses MVC Partial Views or Asp.Net User Controls (.ascx). Both support advanced Javascript modules.


Clean and fresh fully responsive design uses HTML5 and CSS3.

Multiple Columns/Rows

A dashboard can have multiple columns or rows which allows you to create more advanced layouts.

Custom Themes

In addition to builtin themes you can easily develop your own theme using Less.

Fully Responsive

Dashlets are automatically realigned based on the resolution of the device.

Database Independent

JDash uses providers to get and persist metadata and there is no direct dependency to a specific database. Officially Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle are supported.

Full Mobile Support

JDash supports iOS, Android and Windows Mobile operating systems. You can even design your dashboards using your mobile device.

Exceptional Support

We have average response time 60 minutes, e-mail and forum support. Also use large customer community to colaborate with.

Browser Independent

All major browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera are officially supported.

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